Water Cutting, Meet Prep, and Recap: 100% Raw Powerlifting

On Saturday, August 19th I competed in 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation Show of Strength Meet. I journaled my week leading up to the meet. I have never journaled a water cut, cardio and dieting the week of a competition so I decided to do that. This was my first time competing in this federation in a full meet. I have highlights and a recap below as well. I vlogged some of the week and that can be found on my youtube channel.

Monday, Aug 14th (Mood: Average)

Water Intake: 2.5 gallons

Food Intake: 3 eggs, small baked fries (needed carbs for openers), ground beef-1.5 cups, energy drink, flavorless “healthy chips”

Workout: Competition openers and heavy walk out. 45 min of elliptical

Wednesday, Aug 16 (Mood: Stressed)

Water Intake: 1 gallon

Food Intake: 1.5 Cups Sugar-free nonfat Greek yogurt mixed with Splenda, 2 hard boiled eggs, plantain chips (homemade), 4 Chic Fil A chicken strips

Workout: light squat sets and leg Extension. Abs and stretch. 25 min of elliptical. 20 min sauna.

Friday, Aug 18 (Mood: Tired)

Water/Food Intake: None until after weigh in

I had a busy afternoon so I relaxed in the morning, did light errands to keep my mind off not eating. It was also a very hot and humid day so I was especially thirsty.

Meet Day:

Coming into the meet I was happy. I did not have an aggressive weight cut and still managed to cut 10 pounds. My starting weight on Sunday was 203 and I weighed in at 193 pounds- five pounds under the 19198-pound weight class cut off. I was well rested and came into the meet venue early. One thing I did not plan well was the meet day meals. I went to my beloved IHOP and had a good meal and had some carnitas and fruit after weigh-ins. For the meet, I brought wake up wraps from Dunkin, one egg, and 2 packets of oatmeal. That was not enough to get me past my opening squat. I could feel exhausted I was getting as I was squatting. I lacked that energy and focus and it played out in my misses. If I could do anything over that would be it. BRING MORE FOOD. Thankfully I had a falafel sandwich purchased for me to get me through the rest of the meet.

Meet Results:

Squat 407lbs*          Bench 231lbs           Deadlift 435lbs* (Personal Best)

* 100% Raw World/National Record

“Competition isn’t a bad thing. Somebody can always do it better and that somebody is you.” –Linda Rawson