Wedding Dress Shopping | Baltimore

Fun Fact….I’m getting married.

A few months ago I had the pleasure to spend some quality time in Baltimore with my two best friends.

We got to have quality girl time and catch up. I’ve known these women since Elementary School and I am blessed that we remained close after all of these years. One of my friends moved to Baltimore so we spent some time there. I have always liked the city and shops so I took the time that we could actually all get together to look at wedding dresses. I had originally planned to use a dress that was kindly gifted to me and rework it to a style that I had in mind for the wedding. I realized that I had never tried on dresses I barely looked in Brides magazines so I wanted to have that experience of trying on different styles.

Dress shopping is right up there with excessive cardio as things I would rather not do. I am a curvy and muscularly built five foot two solid woman. Dress shopping …well clothes shopping has always been a pain since puberty decided to rear its head.

We started the day with a lovely brunch at Ms. Shirleys in downtown Baltimore. I had a cocktail to calm my nerves.

The shop is called the Bridal Suite. It is a small shop on Charles Street sandwiched between bars and other small businesses. The lady attending us welcomed us with the nicest smile. I told her my super tight budget and she smiled even wider. THEY HAD A SALE! A sale is like honey to my frugal ears.


Another fun fact: When you are choosing wedding dress sizes, add a size or three to your normal size. There is no spandex and the European designers could care less about your feelings.

My friends and I grabbed a few dresses from the rack and only a couple came even close to fitting me let alone making me feel special. I either looked like a linebacker in a dress or my behind was left behind in the design. As you can see from the video it was kind of comical.

All in all…I FOUND A DRESS. It’s not at all what I had pictured in my head for months and I did have to mourn that ‘loss’ but it fit me AND my tiny budget. God provides in special ways. I truly expected to just have the experience and go home and I walked out of that shop with quite a beautiful dress that I will be able to further make my own.  Disclaimer: the actual dress I chose is not in the video.