Five Ways to Make Your Workout Easier

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I am notorious for walking into the gym with Starbucks at hand and not an ounce of water. Caffeine is great but water is greater. The more I drink water the less I tend to cramp up after during and more importantly after my workouts.


If you have a plan of going into the gym for workouts every other day how you feed your muscles after your workout affects how well you will function the next time you workout. Muscle soreness can often never be avoided but using a combination of B vitamins,  BCAAs and electrolyte tablets I am able to help my body recover quicker. There are a ton of options available depending on your body’s needs and your level of activity.


I often don’t have much time when I make it to the gym so it’s important to have my routine set before I arrive. I have the benefit of a coach that provides me with program numbers for my powerlifting movement, but I still need to do planning to make sure I am prepared for the workout. The days I am not squatting, benching or deadlifting I try and think ahead of what machines and workouts I need to do. On my “lazy” days I love to work my back because it helps all of my other lifts and I can get a good burn with a limited amount of time. My go-to back/shoulder workout can be found here.

Dress for success


When I was just getting back into fitness after a long detour in college,  ‘outfits’ were the things that motivated me to show up at the gym. Whether it’s a new comfortable sports bra like the ones LIVELY or a cool hoodie or t-shirt like the one’s NOTDEADYET apparel and GRRRL clothing have a nice ensemble is like a uniform that prepares you to tackle your workout. Bonus if they inspire and promote positive messages as those brands do.

Come back

This one is simple. Consistency is key. The more you show up, even if it is for 30 minutes when all you want to do is curl up in your bed and chill, the easier it will be to make working out a part of your regular self-care routine. Everyone isn’t a competitive athlete, but everyone wants to maintain a healthy body. Feel free to download my go-to Back and Shoulder Routine for the next time your in a gym funk.

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