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territory foods, territory foods reviewIn an effort to take a hold of my diet before IPL World’s in Vegas this month I decided to try out a meal delivery service for a few weeks. As a powerlifter I have learned of companies both locally and nationally that provide pre-made ready to eat meals. These brands have come a long way from the high sodium freezer meals we were used to seeing years ago.

After weighing my options on which company to go with, I chose Territory Foods. Here are some pros and cons from my experience.



None of the other local meal prep companies delivered to my home and they had inconvenient pickup locations- out of the way from my work, gym or volunteering commutes. That made those meals less convenient. Territory provides home delivery (with a fee of course) and there were quite a few gyms within 5 minutes from home and work that I could pick up from. The flexibility to choose your meals and frequency separated it from other companies.


You are able to customize the portion sizes, the frequency of the meals, and the type of “diet” or ingredients they include. When customizing your meals you see all of the macros listed so it makes it easy to track your meals and pick options that provide the ratios you want.  I chose the medium portion,  five meal option for my plan. I also made sure to pick the higher protein options as that is what I am always lowest on when tracking.

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There are small, medium, and larger portions available and frequencies of 2, 3, or 5 days. I imagine someone who works shifts or has two or three hectic weekdays might appreciate the smaller frequency options.

As someone who is busy after work, I knew I wanted to try the dinner option. I can meal prep my own lunches pretty well, but once I get home I’m often too tired to cook dinner and that’s where the meals came in handy. I wanted to try out the Whole 30 options so I selected that “diet” and made sure that there were no avocados as I am allergic.

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With all the convenience and ability to customize I was surprised at how low the price was. For the five medium dinners, I paid around just under $66.  With the promotion code for $25 off, it came to $41 for 5 meals. When I calculated the Starbucks and take out dinners I had ordered in the weeks before I started I easily had easily spent more on fewer and less nutritious meals.


I had to pick up my meal the day I planned on eating it. So someone that had the breakfast or lunch meals would have to make sure they picked it up that morning, I am lucky that the gym where I can pick up my meals is halfway between my home and work and I have a fridge at work to keep it in.

The pickups are on Monday and Thursday. I understand they want the foods as fresh as possible, but having to do pickups at a gym I don’t attend twice a week was a bit weird.

Overall I was very happy with my experience. I like the variety of meals and the fact that ingredients and macronutrients were listed on each container as well as ahead of time for you to choose exactly what meals you received. I especially liked how you can pause or adjust your meals each week so that it is flexible with your life. I plan on using Territory Foods again as I prepare for another powerlifting competition in the new year.

To save $50 over your first two weeks of meal use code GECH or go here to save as I did. 



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