A fleeting pleasure..unicorn frappucino.

So are you like me… highly motivated, but somehow fumbling through this thing called life? Join the club. Most of us are trying to balance work, hobbies, watching all the Netflix, family and fitness while somehow making a difference in this world. If you are looking for the answer or solution. So sorry. But..if you want a companion as we stumble together along towards own version of “greatness”….count me in.

As I approach the big 3-0 I am reminded that I am doing a lot better than I think I am and that I am capable of coming out of my twenties unscathed and ready to challenge another decade of life. I will be blogging (and vlogging) my adventures. I want to create a space to share my desires and insecurities, successes and failures and hopefully inspire others to be honest and brave with themselves. Thank you and enjoy the blog.