Await the Blessed Hope: 1st Week of Advent

Today marks the first Sunday of Advent. For my fellow Catholics it starts a new Liturgical Year. Advent is my favorite season. I love Christmas of course, but the anticipation, energy and hopefulness before Christmas has always warmed my heart. Although Advent starts the Liturgical Year, it falls in December-the end of the calendar year. A month when we naturally are called to reflection on the months past and anticipation for the year to come.

Today I am preparing myself mentally and spiritually to be present and intentional this season. The hustle and bustle of the holidays, work, and life can often take our focus away from the meaning of this season. As we ‘Prepare the Way’ for the coming of the Lord we must individually prepare our own hearts.

What does that preparation look like? Do I leave room for God to work in my life and show me how I am to live in a way that shows the world our ownership. Do we look for God in our neighbor, the poor, the neglected? Do we reflect on those things (poor relationships, bad habits, fears) that hold us at a distance from who God has called us to be?

Reflec, Prepare, and Act this Advent Season.