Beautiful Disaster

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen.”

These last few months have definitely challenged me in ways I never expected. Shortly after the whirlwind of getting married, I learned that my position at my job was not being renewed after the end of the fiscal year. I had two months to find a new job. In all honesty, I had yearned for a change and casually sought out new work opportunities.

The news that I could lose the security I relied upon with my position and the benefits that came along with it shook me to my core. After the stages of mourning (disbelief, sadness, anger, etc), I shifted my energy towards the positive. Once the news settled in I felt a sense of relief. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are holding on to things that stifle us until they are ripped from us. If this hadn’t happened I would have remained in a position that made me incredibly unhappy and would not have made a serious effort to leave.

God has provided an opportunity. It just came in an ugly package.

The smile in the photo is genuine. This picture was captured after three weeks at my current job. This job is amazingly challenging, but I love how my years of volunteering and working on different areas of county government lead to a job that seems tailored to my skills while providing me the opportunity to grow professionally,

Without going through the serious of mini blessings that led me to this job I can say that throughout the process I surrendered my feelings, all of them, to God.

I knew He was working at this moment. When doors closed and interviews ended in rejections I offered it up. I leaned on the many people in my church and family network and humbled myself to ask for help. Humility in prayer is essential-recognizing you don’t have control and surrendering it up is frightening yet freeing. That humility coupled with trust in the God’s timing allowed me the courage to accept the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and step into the answer to months of prayers.

Those unhappy months were a disaster, but honestly, I’m blessed to see the beauty in those disasters in my life. What shook me to my core left a stronger woman and one that now more confidently steps into her light whether at work or with friends.

How beautiful is that?