31 Fast Facts About Me: BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!!!

In honor of my recent birthday, here are 31 interesting facts about me…

Standing in front of mural. Wearing UNIQLO trench coat as shoes. 1. My favorite color is purple.

2. I was born in Nigeria. Imo State to be exact.

3. I’m allergic to whey protein. And melons. And avocados.

4. I had a huge fear of dogs for over 15 years.

5. My middle name means oldest daughter is the best.  And it’s true.

6. My first dream job was to be an oncologist.

7. I have never learned to ride the bike.

8. I’m the oldest of 4 children.

9. My favorite city in the US is New Orleans.

10. The first time I ever squatted was in the 10th grade and I thought it was weird.

11. I have not always had a mole on my lip. It literally appeared maybe 10 years ago. You can see evidence in older pictures.

12. If I could meet any famous person it would be Serena Williams.

13. My second favorite color is green.

14. I will defend Nigerian Jollof rice until I die.

15. I was a goalie in my high school soccer team.

16. I cannot leave the house without a lip product and lotion.

17. My friends and I once made our own off-brand Spice Girls group in the third grade

18. I firmly believe the toilet paper roll goes over and never under.

19. My favorite Saints are Saint Mother Teresa and Saint Augustine.

20. I was in a barbershop quartet for three years in high school.

21. I once memorized all the major muscles to gain extra credit in weight training class.

22. Nothing makes me more angry than witnessing injustice.

23. I don’t get the hype over cornbread. It’s dry bread.

24. I was a ‘sports reporter’ with my best friend for our weekly school tv show  and did some sports media coverage  work in college.

25. I decided to go natural after a really bad relaxer experience sophomore year of college.

26. I have never travelled outside of the United States.

27. I have been a lector (reader during church services) for 15 years.

28. My not so secret dream is to become a public speaker.

29. Butterflies are my favorite insect. I have been obsessed since elementary school and even wrote a song to the one I “raised”.

30. My favorite form of prayer is through song.

31. My name means God’s timing and that has formed a lot of my adult life.


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