Valentine’s Gift Ideas for your Swolemate.

Love and PRs are in the air and that can only mean it’s almost Valentines Day.

Here are some gift ideas as you shop for your swolemate or perhaps loyal gym buddy.

Lifting shoes: I personally recommend the adipower by Adidas. I was recently gifted this pair and I’ve loved my old pair for years. They come in varied colors that can show your lifting love’s personality while squatting, snatching or pressing heavyweight.Adidas adipower powerlifting shoes



      A peloton bike or treadmill. For the cardiophile in your life, these bad boys are the perfect hybrid of group environment with heir virtual classes without the awkward banter before the class. There are also lower cost home gym equipment options as well.

    • If they love the group environments…might I suggest a yoga (maybe aerial yoga) class or even a month’s membership to the cult craze Orange Theory which combines two types of cardio and brief respite of weights.

Body alignment yoga mat

What does a true swolemate love more than the exercise they passionately spend their free time doing? The supplements and energy boosters they consume before, during, and after said workout. A gift card so their local Vitamin shop can create the health junkies shopping spree of dreams.

If you really have the big bucks. RENT OUT THE ENTIRE GYM. Better yet, build them an at home gym. They can work out to their heart’s content without all the annoyances of commercial gyms. Since that’s likely unrealistic in a few days… a sweet pair of wireless headphones is a lower cost alternative.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide. Comment gift ideas you have for your swolemate.

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