Merlot Skin Care Review: Facial Oil and Moisturizer

Product provided by Merlot Skincare for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

About the Brand:

Merlot Skincare is a natural skincare brand whose hallmark ingredients are grape seeds. Their products boast the anti-aging and antioxidant benefits of this key ingredient. The brand,  who has been around since 2001,  has roughly 24 skincare products ranging from toners to foot creams. I remember my mom receiving a sample of their product years ago and remembering how it was “made with grapes”.

merlot facial oil and moisturizer

The Products and How I Used It:

I received their vineyard gold facial oil and daily moisturizer. I have been using these products every day since I unboxed it in order to give myself time to develop an honest and accurate opinion. In my normal skincare routine, I usually start off with a toner and/or treatment and then I go in with a facial oil. I swapped out facial oils for serums a few months ago and it has been a game changer for my often dehydrated winter skin. After letting the facial oil sink in I go in with eye cream and moisturizer.

I found the facial oil to be a great consistency. My previous facial oil was also all natural but it was much thicker and it took some time to sink into my skin before I could apply makeup. I found that the common grape seed oil ingredient made the facial oil and moisturizer a great pairing as my base.

The moisturizer is thick in appearance but has a foamy texture to the touch,  almost like a souffle on your skin. I love the purple coloring to the product. It is a nod to the grapes that the grapeseed are extracted from and it also adds diversity to the usual white or clear moisturizing products I am used to using.

Overall Review:

I would recommend the brand. Of the two produces my favorite would have to be the facial oil because of its versatility. I have also used it on my scalp since my hair already loves grapeseed oil and I have found it helps reduce the dry flakiness along my hairline that also happens in the winter. It is light enough to use in that area of my scalp without dripping onto my face, but also thick enough for me to use alone to conclude my skincare routine.

The moisturizer is also a great product. I am curious how the consistency of the night cream would compare to the regular moisturizer. I like how soft and plump my skin feels even at the end of the day. You receive a generous amount of product that I have hardly made a dent in over the past weeks.

Check out Merlot’s website for a look at their other products.

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