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Special Guest is breaking down barriers in the entertainment industry as the best app for hiring quality performers to make your event or business the spot to be. If you’re planning the party of the century, whether it be a wedding, sweet 16, quinceanera, or the office Christmas party, live entertainment can make or break the mood in an instant. Special Guest helps take your event to the next level with their Rolodex of phenomenal performers.

Create the right atmosphere

Live talent adds so much to the mood of a party or event. We think of weddings as having a band or a DJ, but all types of parties would benefit from quality entertainment. Special Guest allows you to view all types of performers for your next event so you can find exactly the right one for your special needs. The team at Special Guest will hold your hand through the process and provide assistance in creating the feel you’re looking for.

Get creative

You may only be considering bands or DJs for your next event, but this app has an amazing selection when it comes to live performance options. It’s typical for venues and companies to book the same few acts religiously, but the only way to gather a new crowd and create more interest is to think outside the box and book new, up-and-coming talent at your venue. Spice things up with a unique act and surprise your guests with a night like no other. Many agree that individuality is key, and surprising your guests with new ideas such as circus performers or magicians is sure to please the crowd. Check out amazing talented individuals on the Special Guest App, such as comedians, ventriloquists, or even a Prince impersonator who can make your event unexpected and unforgettable.

Cut out the middleman

It would be typical, when looking for talent to perform at your next event, to go through a party planning agency or a talent agent. This can come at a cost to the consumer as well as the talent, and a lot of quality performers who are up-and-coming simply cannot afford an agent or manager. Special Guest allows performers and consumers to remove the middleman entirely and save on those costs altogether. This allows the greatly talented newcomers a chance to shine at the same level as the old pros. It also lets the consumer speak directly to the talent and view their skills, their costs, and what they offer at a speed that is comfortable for everyone.

A one-stop shop

The greatest part of Special Guest is that you can fulfill all your needs in one place. Not only will the app help you find music and a great performer for your next big shindig, but you can locate photographers and videographers as well. If you’re hosting a large corporate event or organizing your wedding, you can also shop for public speakers and wedding efficient through the Special Guest app. Look no further for the best party planning tool of the century.

It’s plain and simple

As mentioned before, people often hire the same act time and time again for their events. While this is great for them, it’s not great for all the budding talent out there who deserve to get their name recognized. This is why Special Guest was created – to help talented individuals and groups get their name and face out to the world as simply and directly as possible. When a performer signs up for Special Guest, they lay out a profile detailing their skills with examples of your work, and it is for you to judge whether they would be a good fit for your next party. The occasional open mic night can only do so much, and talented individuals deserve to be compensated for their amazing work. Special Guest allows those individuals to shine and to finally be able to make a career from their passions. It’s easy to see how this app has helped revolutionize the way we look at performers and the way we should be hiring them – based not just on recommendations from friends, but on their sheer, raw talents that are placed right in front of you to see. It’s plain and simple – Special Guest is the best way to hire entertainment today and get the quality you’re looking for when planning a successful event.

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