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I had the pleasure of spending time to myself at a local day spa and let me tell you it was amazing. I spent half the day at Woodhouse Day Spa which has two local locations to me in the DC metro area. I rarely treat myself to beauty treatments so when I had the opportunity to come in for a treatment I wanted to take the opportunity to do so.

Gechmeifyoucan at Woodhouse Day Spa

Woodhouse Day Spa has all of the perks of a wellness-focused Spa, but with the convenience of being ‘in the neighborhood’ and not overpriced. They offer a wide variety of face, body and hand, and foot treatments. I chose the Wild Lavender Seaweed Sugar Glow body treatment. This treatment is probably the most unique one I have seen or experienced.

Woodhouse Day spa Vichy treatment

During the treatment, my technician, Kristin, explained each step. First, I received a sugar scrub with exfoliated my skin. Then the Vichy shower treatment. As the picture shows, there are hoses that have alternating hot and cold temperatures that flow onto your back. The benefits of this treatment are increased circulation and muscle relaxation. As a competitive athlete, this reminded me of the hot and cold baths that many athletes take after a brutal twining session. The combination of the exfoliation, shower and then hydrating lotion left my skin feeling supple and feeling soft even after a couple of days.

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The whole spa is filled with aromatherapy scents and the minute I walked into the door I felt like I was in an oasis. You truly feel the emphasis on wellness in every aspect of the spa. Each guest receives a weighted robe and ergonomic slippers with a locker labeled for them. I appreciated that extra personal touch and wearing the weighted robe served to instantly force me to release tension in my body.

The treatment felt amazing and I felt completely comfortable with my technician. After your treatment, you are not rushed as I have been in other spas. You can sit in their quiet room for as long as you would like. The quiet room is also available before your treatment so you have the opportunity to relax before whatever treatment you choose. I took advantage of the quiet room and the healthy snacks and calming tea provided. Afterward,  I showered in the luxurious rain head shower and slathered their organic Voya body oils over my body.

Gechmeifyoucan at Woodhouse Day Spa Quiet Room

How I Felt Afterwards

The experience was relaxing. I had my phone with me, but since the phone reception was not the best I was forced to be disconnected and centered and quiet.  It took some time to shut off my brain, but once I did I truly felt relaxed. I wish I had taken a book or journal along with me.

I believe they truly honor each guest-whether they are there for a simple manicure or the most expensive treatment. Upon departure, each guest receives a goodie bag of lotions, facial treatments, and a sleep mask to take the “spa home with you”.

If there is a Woodhouse Day Spa near you I highly recommend you book an appointment. It makes a great gift for mom, a friend, or even just a great treat for yourself.

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  1. This spa looks so dreamy!! I spent all of Saturday bringing the spa home & this makes me wanna go out to it! Happy Monday <3 x Shannon • www.essellesse.com

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